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Clothes-peg bags made of coffee sacks


Each year millions of coffee sacks are produced and most of them end up in our landfills. We then thought, lets re-use and make something usable out of them. Aren't you sick of using the plastic holders for your clothes-peg?

The patterns and colours of each sack is different and so each of the peg bag is. Every single one is unique.

Handmade in New Zealand (in the lovely and sunny Bay of Plenty) and each one includes a wooden hanger. Typically 39cm wide and 24cm deep (measured from the opening to the bottom). The bag can easily fit over 100 pegs.

The pegbags fit perfectly with our philosophy of using soap nuts as a natural detergent. Not sure what soap nuts are? click here to read more about SoapNuts?

Would you like to be the new owner of one of the unique bags? Visit our online shop now!

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