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About Us

SoapNuts NZ's Philosophy

It's what makes us different

  • Our products are human tested, never tested on animals, contain no hidden nasties and we respect the environment and the people who harvest and supply our product
  • We are growing our own SoapNut trees so that we can eliminate importing in the future, decreasing our carbon footprint and we encourage others to grow their own trees too
  • Our product is harvested from wild SoapNut trees - this means that any villager can collect an income from the berries and it saves the trees from being chopped down for firewood
  • Our packaging is minimal, it's no frills, no unnecessary inks and dyes
  • SoapNuts NZ is all about SoapNuts and products to use with SoapNuts, it's all we do. Yes you could say we are full-time nutters
  • We offer the largest range of SoapNut products and we're always adding new products to our range, it keeps it fresh and exciting
  • Best value, fabulous friendly service & light speed delivery (well nearly) is a promise
  • We wholesale to stores throughout New Zealand so that you can choose to support local retailers or purchase direct from us online
  • We continually research about our product so we can share our expertise with you

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