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Testimonials - share your soap nuts experiences

  • I am absolutely loving soapnuts! Its actually easier than normal powder as you can use each bag for a few different loads so no measuring out scoops of powder or liquid for each load just chuck in the bag and go! I Also totally dig the composting factor (pun intended).

    Kasey Moore, Coromandel, 15 April 2018

  • I use the SoapNuts liquid to clean my dishes every day and I love it! Does an amazing job!

    Zoe Ihaka, Whangarei, 07 February 2018

  • Fantastic product! Such a good feeling knowing you're not using chemicals and its so eco friendly you can throw it on the compost heap afterwards! Very cost effective too and highly recommend getting the essential oils as well. Would never change back to regular detergent now!

    Sarah Broughton, Christchurch, 18 December 2017

  • The soap nuts work great, I have not been using a rinse cycle to conserve water and that does seem ok. The tea tree oil leaves the clothes smelling fresh.

    Liz Thomas,Oamaru, 03 December 2017

  • I love soap nuts, we’ve been using them for almost 2 years, no more scratchy towels and my husband works in a nursery No issues with getting items clean!!

    Kirsty Parsons, Tauranga, 03 December 2017

  • The Oxygen Bleach has taken place of quite a few house hold cleaners in my house and has become a staple item, great for adding to clothes washing and I split iodine all over my carpet popped this on and it disappeared before my eyes amazing, also cleans shower drains really well. I have sensitive skin so normal washing powder makes me itchy, love that I've found a environmentally friendly product that doesn't make me itch, a box lasts a long time and I just add the used soapnuts to the compost. Win win. Love adding an essential oil also for the refreshing smell. The Organic Sweet Orange Oil has a beautiful scent, I love adding to my soapnuts bag in the wash, also use in the diffuser. The Lemon Oil  is one of my favourite scents to add to laundry on the soapnuts bag for the refreshing clean smell.

    Helen Schreuder, Papamoa, 17 September 2017

  • I love the large laundry pack. Not only does the laundry come out clean, fresh, and soft, after just a few weeks using them both my son and I have noticed less skin irritation. It's also nice to look at the tub the used water drains in after a load and not see the usual soap scum.

    Frances Wood, Rakaia, 09 September 2017

  • So happy to have been able to purchase a sample pack. Really enjoyed using these and found they washed things well, including my reusable 'paper' towels that can get quite soiled. No rashes or allergies like traditional laundry powders. A nice smell and easy to pop in the compost after.

    Susie Murray, Hamilton, 07 September 2017

  • Awesome product. I have an allergy to post laundry powders. Soap nuts have solved this issue for me. I also use them as a shampoo now. Was so pleased to see the recipe for making shampoo and house hold cleaners come with this product. The Frangipani Fragrance oil is a delicious smelling oil that leaves my washing smelling amazing!!

    Siobhan McCarthy, Hamilton, 01 September 2017

  • The SoapNuts Giftpack is AMAZING. Going to start using then for everything.

    Annaliese Raynes, Rangiora, 31 August 2017

  • The stain remover bar is a repeat buy. I am so impressed with it and have recommended it to others. I normally use soap-nut shells but purchased this for when the arthritis in my hands is bad and have trouble with tieing up bag with nuts in it. So impressed with it and don't have to use a lot - just a capful. I will certainly bee buying in future. The Oxygen Bleach is a repeat buy too and I use it for many things. It is brilliant for soaking badly stained clothing overnight. Also use as general cleaner.

    Harriet Knox, Christchurch, 18 August 2017

  • I love the lemon oil that I purchased last week. It makes my laundry smell so fresh and it goes perfectly with my soap nuts. Can't wait to try all the other scents. I love this stain remover bar!! It arrived last week and I have been putting a little bit in every wash. Our clothes are coming out of the wash so clean and soft!! This will be a regular purchase in our house.

    Tania Morrissey, Rotorua, 16 August 2017

  • SoapNuts are a fantastic plastic free option to washing thank you.

    Chanel Mcgibbon, Auckland, 15 August 2017

  • I'm glad I got the Large Laundry pack. I'm so impressed with the fact that the rinse cycle is not needed when using Soapnuts. Water conservation is important to me. I also love the stain remover stick. It works really well. I tried the Oxygen Bleach on a rug and the results were great. I will now be using this as my go to product for cleaning.

    Charlotte Barraclough, Wellington, 09 August 2017

  • Wonderful! We use SoapNuts for our laundry and also make dishwasher liquid from them.

    Kim Adams, Kerikeri, 23 July 2017

  • These sounded interesting and even though I've been making my own laundry liquid, I thought i would give these a go. Had for about 3 weeks now and they've been great. I use lavender EO with it and clothes come out smelling great. I found my towels have felt a bit softer too. Have yet to try on the greasy overalls though, so that will be the test. Might use the oxygen bleach that I purchased with the laundry pack on them. Haven't used the liquid version yet. Happy so far.

    Tracy McWhinnie, Okato, 11 July 2017

  • I'm a total convert to soapnuts! They clean very well and the clothes smell clean and fresh (personally I like a little fragrance so I'm going to try a drop of oil as suggested). I'm getting so many loads out of them so they're really economical. I LOVE that they come with no plastic and go into the compost when they're done rather than leaching chemicals out there. Love them.

    Adelle Wood, Wellington, 08 July 2017

  • I started using SoapNuts several years ago due to skin allergies. I just love them and find them so easy to use. All my clothes come up great!

    Lisa Duthie, Christchurch, 05 July 2017

  • I use the SoapNuts Tree oil alongside my Soap nuts. I love how it adds a fresh smell to all my laundry when I place a couple of drops onto the Soap nuts cotton bag.

    Lisa Duthie, Christchurch, 05 July 2017

  • First time using soap nuts and am very happy with this product.

    Sophie Thompson, Nelson, 03 July 2017

  • SO impressed with the soap nuts! I love being able to use an essential oil with it too (I usually use orange). Highly Recommend!

    Hope Griffiths, Whangarei, 12 May 2017

  • Absolutely love Soap Nuts, they clean really really well and leave a beautiful clean smell. The horrible chemical smell is not longer in the clothes or the house. Our family no longer has allergic reactions. Soap Nuts work equally on light or heavy soiled items. The other amazing benefit of using this product is being able to put the used product into our compost.

    Darlene York, Auckland, 07 May 2017

  • I am a convert to soapnuts. Our grey water is discharged straight onto the land, so we are trying to minimise our chemical use. Soapnuts are great! The used shells go on the compost.

    Shirley Simmonds, Levin, 09 April 2017

  • I use the SoapNuts liquid for hand washing clothes and find it great.

    Rhiannon Craig, Takanini, 07 April 2017

  • We have two people in our house with very sensitive skin and other skin related conditions, and whilst seeking a more eco-friendly alternative we came across these. We have since done about 6 loads of laundry with one small cotton bag filled with soap nuts and they work great! The only thing we noticed is that having 3 boys in the house, one of which is a mechanic, we needed a little extra scent added to the dirty laundry so I we have gotten some essential oils to add in aswell.

    Ayla McLeod, Rotorua, 03 April 2017

  • I have used the Oxygen Bleach in laundry and bathroom (as loo and shower cleaner) and am very happy with this product.

    Harriet Knox, Rolleston, 21 March 2017

  • Yes they work! and with some essential oil - I chose the lemon grass - everything smells pretty too. But the soap nuts smell fine on their own - there is something very satisfying about using these lovely little nuts. Just watch you dont leave the bag of used nuts sitting on white laundry/clothing as I've noticed they can leave a yellow stain.

    Sharyn Morcom, Whitianga, 21 March 2017

  • Really pleased with the Medium Laundry Pack products. My washing is clean and smells fresh and lavanderly

    Stephanie Jacobs, Levin, 13 March 2017

  • This stain remover bar is amazing - would definitely purchase again. So easy to use and cleans very efficiently and effectively.  This is a miracle bar. I won't be returning to "normal" laundry powder ever again. SoapNuts are perfect for anyone with allergies.  They really work I have witnessed them remove tomato juice stains, ointment stains, etc. These inexpensive cotton bags are perfect for so many things other than soap nuts.  I put them empty through the wash every second day and hang on line to dry.  

    Harriet Knox, Rolleston, 05 March 2017

  • The Oxygen Bleach is the best product for making whites whiter and colours brighter and is great at removing most stains.

    Jules Kell, Hamilton, 22 February 2017

  • I too was dubious to try soapnuts, but for my sons eczema I was willing to try anything. I was impressed with the cleaning ability, and gentleness of these nuts. The Frangipani oil is a fab smelling oil. Clothes smell great after using this in the wash.

    Jacqueline O'Reilly, Invercargill, 18 February 2017

  • SoapNuts are a good product, fast delivery and very eco friendly (even the packaging!) Love it. Thank you! 

    Carol Sumner, Rotorua, 03 February 2017

  • Used the Oxygen Bleach to clean our deck. It does take a bit of tough scrubbing (phew!), but the result looks good. 

    Angie Duff,  Tangiteroria, 11 December 2016

  • Love this soap bar. I changed to this from liquid hand soap and find my hands are no longer cracked and dry. Also noticed my sons hands which have bad eczema are no longer as irritated. The soap keeps its shape well and doesn't turn into a smooshy mess. I very happy with this purchase.

    Alethea Armagon, Queenstown, 13 November 2016

  • I think the SoapNut shells are fantastic. I will never go back to standard laundry detergent again. I was worried about how they would clean my babies reusable nappies but they clean them just aswell as anything else I have tried but with the bonus of cutting out the rinse cycles so we save on power and water.

    Alethea Armagon, Queenstown, 13 November 2016

  • Used to clean black and weathered timber deck chairs with the Oxygen Bleach - happy with the results. Just purchased another packet to try on a cedar garage door. So great to have an environmentally friendly product.

    Okuralass, 04 November 2016

  • Love soapnuts! My partner has sensitive skin so this helps to keep the chemical load down. It amazing how you see bubbles in the washing machine, they really are soapy. The ultimate green product - recycle the packaging, throw the used nuts on the compost.

    Linda Holman, Marton, 02 November 2016

  • Bought the SoapNut liquid to make shampoo as it's got the right preservatives in it which should hopefully provide a decent shelf life (instead of just making my own liquid from the nutshells themselves).  I'm happy with the purchase and service. Thanks.

    Rachel Flinn, Wellington, 09 September 2016

  • I was concerned about moving away from all the suds and softness of fabric softner, but have no doubts now. Clothes are very well cleaned and the aroma from the essential oil is amazing! I recommend this product.

    Angela Heath, Auckland, 14 August 2016

  • Have been using SoapNuts liquid as a laundry detergent for a while now and find it great for my kids who have very sensitive skin. It's certainly not a powerful stain remover as your supermarket products would be but it cleans the clothes and leaves them smelling fresh and most importantly does not irritate their eczema at all.

    Debbie Bolan, Auckland, 09 August 2016

  • Love the Small Laundry Pack, our clothes are cleaner, softer and it's so economical! Love the lemon oil for fragrance too. I'm now able to use cold water every wash and only one rinse but the box says you can do no rinse also. I will try this soon. So we're now saving on electricity and water too! Stain remover bar really works I'm impressed and I love the liquid, I've found it to be really effective on greasy pots when used neat- I haven't tried it in a sink full of water yet. It seems to dissolve grease amazingly well. 

    Miriam Preece, Whangaparoa, 30 July 2016

  • So impressed with the Large Laundry Pack. Easy to use, no waste and great results.

    Kirsten Swney, Invercargill, 28 July 2016

  • The Essential Lemon Oil has a super great fresh but natural smell. I'm using mine in our baby's nappy wash. 

    Emma McCleary, Featherston, 27 July 2016

  • Great value for money. Cuts down on electricity and water too as less rinsing is necessary.

    Lindsey Jewell, Auckland, 27 July 2016

  • Really impressed with the cleaning power of soap nuts. We bought them as a gentle alternative for our son's eczema-prone skin, but we are really enjoying the environmental benefits as well as the cost. Pretty sure we will stick with soap nuts from now on!

    Amelia Norman, Christchurch, 24 July 2016

  • After using Soapnuts myself, and absolutely loving them, I decided to get this giftpack for my Mum for her birthday to try.  She has already reported to me about how easy they are to use, and how impressed she was with how they cleaned her washing, and how fresh it smelt.  Will be buying more of these to gift to other family members.

    Lisa McLean, Palmerston North, 24 July 2016

  • Soap nuts  ... Natural product, smells great when you add pure essential oils, clothes feel great, skin no rashes, would not use anything else ...

    Debbrea Graham, Patea, 20 July 2016

  • We just received our second box of soapnuts (and another much needed 'nut sack') I cant believe how brilliant they are (not that I had my doubts) but gone are the days of re-washing because of washing powder not rinsing off or because the dishing clothes still smell like  fish bait. Cannot stop raving to anyone who will listen!!

    Whitney Welford, Maungaturoto, 19 July 2016

  • I am using soapnuts for years now. They are great, cleaning is good and fabric is much softer and I don't even like the scent of traditional laundry detergent anymore.

    Heidi Allen, Murupara, 07 July 2016

  • I was so excited about ordering the Large Laundry Pack, and couldn't wait to try them. I must admit I was a wee bit worried that they wouldn't preform as good as standard laundry powders/liquids. But they sounded too awesome, and good for the planet not to try them. And I am really impressed with them. The washing is clean and smells so fresh (and softer too). This large pack is definitely the way to go if you are starting out. Will happily continue using these.

    Lisa McLean, Palmerston North, 01 July 2016

  • I had heard about Soap Nuts but never got around to trying them. I'm finding they work really well and it's a bonus that you can then put them in the compost when you have finished with them.

    Gwen, 27 June 2016

  • What a great product SoapNuts are. Cleans so well and doesn't leave all the nasties in your clothes after a clean. Fabric feels soft and smells clean - not artificially fragranced!! So good for our whole family's skin too! And makes a great hand soap by the kitchen sink too. Will definitely recommend to others.

    Sharon Usher, Hamilton, 18 June 2016

  • Absolutely love the Stain Remover Bar!! Works extremely well, will definitely purchase again.

    Kate Stace, Hamilton, 16 June 2016

  • Have used Soapnuts once before when my son was living at home and had skin issues. Brilliant for this. Using them again now my hubby and I are over 60 have found them t be great for "Older" skin too. Enjoying using them once more. Trying the liquid too for bodywash and shampoo. Early days but so far so good.

    Sheryl Wellum, Porirua, 12 June 2016

  • Loving the fresh zesty scent of this lemon essential oil. I'm using with soap nuts for our laundry and find it great for a lemony clean finish.

    Robyn Verdonk, Palmerston North, 06 June 2016

  • I have just started using soapnuts and will continue to do so. The smell of other washing powders were too much for our sensitive noses. Am quite happy with the end product!

    Jill Lowery, Milton, 04 June 2016

  • Amazing results with the SoapNuts Giftpack. My clothes feel so clean and smell great with the orange oil. Can't wait to share this eco-friendly product!!! 

    Tiffany McClunie, Te Awamutu, 01 June 2016

  • The Small Laundry Pack is a great discovery, they work and smell fantastic!

    Elena Rovida, Wellington, 27 May 2016

  • The Peg Bag is an excellent product, great for pegs. As Errol said a double win great product and good for the enviroment!

    Kathleen Clarke, Te Aroha, 21 May 2016

  • I've been dubious to try soapnuts, fearing they can't possibly wash as well as bio detergents. But having finally gone chemical free with all my other household cleaning products, I took the plunge. I really regret not switching sooner! These ugly little nuts are AMAZING at cleaning all my laundry. From smelly sports kit and heavily soiled jeans to bright white shirts and delicate woollens... These things actually wash BETTER than the bio powder I used. Works just as well on warm or cold washes too. I am now addicted to blending my favourite oils in the softener section to delicately scent the clean laundry.

    Kay Botha, Waiuku, 16 May 2016

  • I purchased my large laundry pack approx 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE THESE SOAPNUTS - who knew that nature was that super cool for laundry.  I am super impressed with the softness of my clothes after washing, the freshness and cleaner look about them.  I've used the soapnuts as a cold wash with towels, cycling kit (and have noticed the stubborn stale odour is just about out of them now); baby clothes, work clothes, even used as a warm wool wash in the machine for my daughters wool cardies - they came out beautiful   Very impressed and will most definitely be reordering when my current stock runs low.

    Julie Manu, Wellington, 12 May 2016

  • The Oxygen Bleach works well as a toilet cleaner as well as other uses described on packaging.

    Susan Bartel, Wellington, 05 May 2016

  • Very impressed!  Clothes come out clean and smelling lovely with the lemongrass essential oil. Cloth nappies coming out perfectly clean. Am loving that I can use this natural product now for my washing!

    Jessica Porter, Papamoa, 03 May 2016

  • Im so glad that I made the switch from commercial laundry liquids to soapnuts! The towels are significantly softer and I can change up the fragrances as often as I please. Definitely converted! 

    Whitney Welford, Maungaturoto, 01 May 2016

  • The Large Laundry Pack is such a great product!  We are glad to be able to get these in New Zealand.

    Tamsin James, Lower Hutt, 29 April 2016

  • I was so please to find this product. My Son has severe eczema so we needed something gentle on the skin. This is natural, gentle and sustainable, it doesnt get much better than that. Thank you for making this available to us here in NZ. 

    Sarah Hiddleston, Christchurch, 28 April 2016

  • I can not plug SoapNuts enough to people I think they are the best thing since sliced bread! A massive savings in our house. 

    Kirsty Parsons, Tauranga, 07 April 2016

  • The Peg Bags are great for pegs and help the environment, double win.

    Errol Cameron,  Wellington, 04 April 2016

  • I have given so many Stain remover bars away and had to order more for friends. I used the bar to get rid of excess oil on a roasting tray and it just lifts off so many stains, even ones that have been there a while.

    Denise Barrett,  Opaheke, 04 April 2016

  • I have been using Soap Nuts for several years now. Great product.

    Geva Innes,  Omarama, 25 March 2016

  • I will never, ever use another product again. The soap nuts meet all my needs. Thank you.  

    Iris Christopher,  Carterton, 28 February 2016

  • So stoked with how well the SoapNuts clean! I'm really impressed and totally converted now. Also very happy with the prompt and friendly service. Thank you! 

    Karen Mackenzie, Porirua, 24 February 2016

  • I have just started using SoapNuts and am really pleased with the results. I totally recommend them. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about not having to rinse the washing so much - but it is true. I love the fragrance and will not be using any other washing products ever again!

    Lyn Jarman, Papamoa, 16 February 2016

  • I have no idea where people are getting the information that soap nuts are not as effective as normal laundry powder. Soap nuts are better than standard laundry powder  and also they don't bleach out the clothes so your clothing looks new even after multiple washes (doesn't look faded). I get no allergic reaction also, which is great news because I have ultra sensitive skin. 

    Chirag Arora, Auckland, 14 February 2016

  • On top of laundry, I brew soapnut liquid by the litre to use as handwash, shower bodywash, and kitchen cleaner. Last year I gave up deodorant. After months of no comments, I checked with my husband: he'd noticed no BO at all. My skin obviously prefers gently cleaned to stripped bare! Would you clean the outside of your house with a waterblaster every day? As shampoo, give your scalp a month to adjust. It doesn't give you "glossy silk" like a petrochemical one, but my scalp is vastly healthier. I combine grapefruit, geranium and rose oils for extra scent. Consumer NZ recently rated soapnuts poorly versus standard laundry detergent. Unfortunately, it was an unequal test: all the test samples were greasy stains, not everyday cleaning. (I always use Soapnut Store's soap stick for greasy spots.) My husband complains our laundry doesn't smell "clean", but he means "highly perfumed". But raspberries to him - he always uses my liquid on our kitchen stainless!

    Truis Ormsby-Martin, Wellington, 04 February 2016

  • I love using soap nuts! I have been using them for a couple of years and am very happy with them.

    Grace Jones, Whanganui, 04 February 2016

  • Love the eco-friendly aspect of soap nuts, not only good for the washing but the grey water is safe for the environment too.  And a few nuts go a long way.

    Esme Rodgers, Auckland, 31 January 2016

  • Used the Oxygen Bleach to clean my pine deck. It worked very well. Deck looks almost new.

    Robert Gregory, Wellington, 30 January 2016

  • The SoapNuts liquid goes a long way and we use it for our laundry primarily but have used it as a general cleaner as well and continue to be impressed with its effectiveness.

    Linda Dawley, Waiuku, 27 January 2016

  • The soap nuts are great, we have just got our second lot. The liquid is handy too for if run out of the nuts. The stain remover bar works great for cleaning cloth nappies too.

    Katie Pasini, Winton, 26 January 2016

  • What a wee miracle the stain remover bar is. Absolutely loving it. It works works works :))))

    Atanaska O'Shannessey, Christchurch, 09 January 2016

  • I love this product at the first attempt, best product ever. I have used soap nut liquid for hair and  washing cloths today and after wash, clothes were very  soft and clean.The liquid  used for washing hair was easy to use and gentle, no more frizzy hair.

    Unnati Patel, Auckland, 07 January 2016

  • SoapNuts work great, even on my greasy work clothes when combined with the oxygen bleach powder! The Lavender oil has a nice fragrance, have used this in home made bath bombs and in our clothes washing with soapnuts. The Oxygen Bleach works great with the soapnuts and really helps whiten clothes without leaving a chemical smell.

    Tintin, 24 December 2015

  • I've been using Soap nuts for the last couple of years now and to be honest, would never go back to shop washing powder again. Soap nuts are brilliant!!!! The fact that one bag of soap nuts can do a few washes at a time is such a good money saver.  My husband has really sensitive skin and soap nuts are just perfect because he doesn't have any skin reaction what's so ever after his clothes have been washed with soap nuts. I Save money as well because I have no need to buy fabric conditioner either because the clothes just come out so soft. 

    If your thinking about giving soap nuts a try then just do it because honestly they do work, I work full time on a farm and trust me, my clothes get shitty as, worst than a kid for grime and muck, and my clothes come out of the machine lovely and clean and that's on a 40C cycle, definitely natures best nuggets:). 

    Niki Harris, Hikurangi, 09 December 2015

  • I used to use soap nuts and make my own liquid, but it always went off before I could use it all. This product is perfect for our household!

    Gaylene Annan, Blenheim, 21 November 2015

  • Soap nuts are the best thing since sliced bread!!! I love using them, our clothes stay bright, towels are soft!! Love love love them!! I can't understand why everyone doesn't use them!!

    Kirsty Parsons, Tauranga, 12 November 2015

  • These are great, they make washing come up so well! Love them. They even make cloth nappies come up better than the commercial stuff! Will be getting more for sure. 

    Katie Pasini, Winton, 03 November 2015

  • Very happy with product. First time using, delighted with cleaning result. Really prompt delivery, also very impressed with eco packaging. Great website, will certainly recommend to others and shall be shopping here in the near eco future. 

    Lisa Barrett, Omarama, 27 October 2015

  • I'm a huge fan of these soapnuts. I won't use anything else now. They get the clothes just as clean as washing powder but are much gentler on the clothes, which come out so soft. It is gentler on the sensitive skin of my daughter also. I have started using these to wash my hair with as well - and they're brilliant! 

    Cressida Evans, Mount Maunganui, 22 October 2015

  • So easy to use. Have a slight smell that is very pleasant. Enjoying our new soap nuts. Thank you.

    Kate Gay, Lower Hutt, 12 October 2015

  • I've been using SoapNuts for years and wouldn't go back to washing powder. They are fantastic value. A 1kg box does me about a year. They are natural, no strong scent, I do add a few drops of oil to the bag. I like the fact there are no chemicals in my wash. 

    Vivienne Henderson, Queenstown, 06 October 2015

  • The Eucalyptus oil is a great essential oil. It makes my clothes smell fresh and clean. 

    Erin Leitch, Papamoa, 05 October 2015

  • A 1kg box has done over a years worth of washing for one person.  Worth trying for sensitive skin, if it works for you then you have product you'll be able to use regularly without having to worry about the formula being changed or concentrated.  Your whites probably won't be fluorescent at a disco under UV but wouldn't you rather be chemical free :-) 

    Steve Tawa, 30 September 2015

  • The little stain remover bar lasts for ages and is great for rubbing on persistent stains before washing to remove them really effectively. The Oxygen Bleach boosts the efficacy of the soapnuts. I dissolve a small amount and add to the wash. I add a couple of drops of lavender oil when washing sheets and pillowcases. The light fragrance helps me to sleep.

    Jude Isaac, Warkworth, 27 September 2015

  • My husband and little boy both struggle with skin conditions related to soap powders. I've been using soap nuts for almost a year now, its definitely better for their skin and for my tired old washing machine. Being able to order them online and get the liquid and oxygen bleach sent makes it that much easier!

    Amy-Lee Budd, Dunedin, 08 August 2015

  • Great for shampoo or clothes washing. I love that the pH is right for hair and skin.

    Annie Goomes, Christchurch, 01 August 2015

  • First time of using Soap nuts and I am impressed, such good value for money and whilst it is taking a little bit of time to reprogram the mind into not seeing soap suds in the washing machine it is great.

    Jude Pickthorne, Wellington, 28 July 2015

  • The Soapnuts are fantastic thank you. I am on tank water and soap nuts will save water as I don't need a rinse cycle. Clothes come out clean, cloth nappies too. There are so many uses for your soap nuts liquid I am going to try them all.

    Laura Neilson, Te Awamutu, 12 July 2015

  • I've had this pack about a week now, the only thing I've used is the soap nuts and I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM. They are awesome. I had my doubts about them, but they leave my clothes softer than the washing powder I was using. And I think my clothes are cleaner than before. I'm hooked.

    Kate Strong, Christchurch, 10 July 2015

  • I've been using soap nuts for about 3 years now and they are great!! I have problems with smell's (ordinary laundry powders give me such grieve!!) and skin issues. I've put my daughter, who has a very sensitive skin, onto them and now she uses them for her daughter as well. A Great product!!!

    Joanne Beacham, Katikati, 28 June 2015

  • These are absolutely awesome, can't believe more people don't know about them! Everything comes out of the wash just as clean as with normal washing powder and when the nuts are used they can just go into the compost.

    Stacey Bryan, Dunedin, 27 June 2015

  • Tried these once and love the products. Enjoy washing my hair daily in the liquid, thickened with cornflour and diluted it's wonderful!

    Peppy Berends, Christchurch, 11 May 2015

  • Been using soapnuts for a while now and I love them :) use to wash my little ones cloth nappies always come up smelling lovely and clean. Use for everything that goes in washing machine :) if your wondering weather or not to try these if they work ect. Just try them you wont regret buying these so easy no chemicals !

    Melissa Marshall, Whangarei, 17 April 2015

  • We have been using Soap Nuts for a few years now and with a bit of experimenting have found the system that works best for us: liquid soap nuts and eucalyptus oil. We put eucalyptus oil in the bottle and then add enough Soap Nut liquid to emulsify the oil. It just has to be shaken each time so it is mixed. It works very well for fragrance, stain remover and producing lovely clean clothes! If there is a stubborn stain, straight eucalyptus oil works very well to remove it--best check first that the material won't fade or leave a mark once washed.

    Linda Dawley, Auckland, 26 February 2015

  • I spotted Soap Nuts in the Organic shop in Waiuku months ago and took a brochure with me, thinking that they were just the best thing I had seen in ages. It took me a while to make the change from my regular Eco Store wash powder and try soap nuts. Looked online and found a local store that stocked them and grabbed a bag. They are fabulous!, so easy to use, just place a couple of nuts in the bag and away you go! It is great to know that they are good for my skin, clothes and the environment. The one thing that I hated most about powdered detergents is how you get it all over your fingers as you scoop it out of the box, its a real pet peeve of mine and soap nuts eliminates that, so I am loving them even more! Thanks for such a great product. I am most definitely converted to soap nuts and will not use Eco Store powder again.

    Paula Clee, Auckland, 30 October 2014

  • I have been using Soap Nut Shells and Oxygen Whitening for several years now. Recently someone gave me a packet of commercial laundry powder which I used. The smell of the product put me off immediately, and the clothes I've washed in it still have that commercial powder smell - yuk. I didn't realise how much I had got used to the non fragrance or subtle fragrance of Soap Nuts - so love using them. Definitely not going back to commercial powders for liquids.

    Janis Bowker, Paraparaumu Beach, 01 August 2014

  • Since learning about Soap Nuts over a year ago I haven't used any commercial soap powder to wash our clothes.

    Geva Innes, Omarama, 18 June 2014

  • We all tried the soapnuts and WOW I heard they were good but they are amazing, brought up my little ones day care cloths the best I’ve seen them yet!

    Mt Taranaki Holistic Health Centre, Stratford, 20 March 2014

  • Oh how I love using soapnuts and a few drops of teatree oil. We have been using them for a couple of years now and was first introduced to them when washing cloth nappies. They get everything clean from my husbands panelbeating clothes to kids messy clothes. Just converted another family to using them yesterday and thought I would let everyone know how much I love them.... even use them in campground washing machines. 

    Tracey Piper, Wellington, 19 March 2014

  • Last weekend I was stoked to have won a pack of soap nut shells through the Soapnuts NZ Facebook page and tonight when I got home from uni I found that they had arrived in the mail. And check out the plastic-free packaging!
    Read her blog by clicking here

    Marino Harker-Smith, Wellington, 06 March 2014

  • Have been using my SoapNuts for about a week now - so impressed! I have a front loader which is great anyway and these just make it even more efficient being able to cut out the rinse cycles. Clothes are coming out just as clean as when I was using Earthwise detergent and it will work out much cheaper in the long run. I chose the Frangipani essence and it's lovely but subtle. I try to use all natural products for everything I put on my skin (eczema) and my new twin babies have never had chemicals on their skin either & it's always rash-free. I fully recommend this to anyone wanting an eco option that works really well!

    Joane Pullin, Pukekohe, 26 February 2014

  • I am delighted with Soapnuts - good for the environment and good for clothes. They have made my white towels whiter and softer than any other eco friendly product I have used to date. I have just sat stroking my towels. It seems to be culmulative too - I am sure that they are softer and whiter than they were the first couple of washes. My husband noticed that too. It feels sooo good to use something that is not only good for the enviroment, but does such a great job on clothes too!
    Thank you for making these available. Work well in the dishwasher too.

    Donna Redward, Auckland, 05 January 2014

  • I've heard heaps of positive and negative reviews of soap nuts before trying them myself. Being rather sceptical i still decided to give it a try once i saw this web page (just loved design, information provided and very fair prices). Delivery was very quick, and can you imagine, free. 

    I couldn't wait to test the same evening and washed my bed linen (just got some fat spots from dogs bringing their food - yak), a silk night gown and a white and black dress with old yellow spots from last year. I sincerely didn't expect much especially from the dress with old yellow spots. Can you imagine my surprise when all the dirt and fat was gone completely after 1 wash in the front load washing machine! Yellow spots disappeared completely! I added exactly nothing to the machine except of soap nuts, used temperature of 30C. Used around 10 nuts.  A good hint provided on the web page is to break shells into small pieces. Other resources somehow didn't say about it. Clothes was left soft, with no smell. Perfect!  Now I'm on my way to start doing my own shampoo from soap nuts, exciting!

    Elena Lezhneva , Auckland, 19 November 2013

  • I love soap nuts! They clean brilliantly and are great for our front loader, which doesn't need many suds. I love that they are totally natural and no processing or packaging so great for the planet too. I just wish I'd got onto them sooner. Thanks!

    Sarah Grundy, Wellington, 28 May 2013

  • Soap nuts! Love 'em. They are lovely to wash towels and sheets with. I find they lend a softness to the fabric and have a lovely slightly sweet smell. 

    Mig McMillan, Tauranga, 03 May 2013

  • My earlier testimonial already appears on your list. Two years later, I'm still ordering regularly and recommending your site to everyone I know.

    We recently discovered a great new use for soapnuts: it's perfect for bathing small pets! Many caged pets like mice and fancy rats are very sensitive to chemicals, so it can be difficult and/or expensive to find a pet shampoo that doesn't risk their health. Not any more, for us! Soapnut liquid gets them gorgeously clean and fluffy, and they don't smell like a pharmacy!

    Great product, great price... keep up the great work.

    Truis Ormsby-Martin, Wellington, 30 April 2013

  • Wonderful service as usual. Thanks.

    Sharon Whillis, Christchurch, 04 February 2013

  • I just love the smell it leaves through out the house , in  the difference to the washing, Im yet to try making the soap, but so far love the product.

    Pauline Bungard, Matamata, 05 December 2012

  • I have been using soapnuts and some of the essential oils you sell for quite some time now.  My clothes are clean, the dishwashing liquid I make from the soapnuts is working very well in my dishwasher by using it and some soapnuts in a bag in the cutlery basket of my dishwasher.  I also use apple cidar vinegar as my rinse aid in the dishwasher and the washing machine.  As we have a bio cycle septic tank system the soapnuts and vinegar keep it operating at peak performance.  I am very happy with soapnuts.

    Melanie Mitchell, Waipu, 23 November 2012

  • I love the soapnuts.  I have been trying to find a decent smelling washing powder forever and they may smell nice in the box but on the clothes, not so much.  Also, there can be clashes of clothing smell and other fragrances... ew.  So the soapnuts are perfect! I want to try them in the dishwasher and I will add vinegar too just to give it that little bit more... just not sure whether to use white or malt vinegar... I'm guessing it would be white. I will be coming back again for some more and maybe looking at growning my own tree!

    Thanks for providing such a great option that is kinder on the environment at a really good price point!

    Karmyn Lyons, Wellington, 02 November 2012

  • OMG ♥ Four in a bag, some essential oils did four washes ♥ It smells clean as opposed to just having a washing powder fragrance.

    Urban Orchards, Auckland, 25 August 2012

  • I love using soap nuts and glad it is so easy to get them. Very prompt service,awesome. I love using chemical free products! 

    Audrey Ellis, Christchurch, 25 August 2012

  • Awesome service, always love buying my products from you, and love my lavender oil.

    Natalie Jackson, Paeroa, 15 August 2012

  • Once again, the service was very prompt and the products are great.  I have not bought any other cleaning product for quite some time now.

    Janice Derbi, Upper Hutt, 17 July 2012

  • I truly enjoy using soapnuts. I use them in my washing machine, I make the liquid up and use it for hand washing dishes and also in the dishwasher.  I also use it to wash my hair, even though it doesn't lather up like regular shampoo, it washes my hair beautifully.  Also the man who services my bio cycle septic tank tells me that he has never seen it looking so healthy as it is now.  I have been using soapnuts for about over 2 years now and tell anyone who wants to know, information about them.

    Melanie Mitchell, Waipu , 21 June 2012


  • I am very impressed with them as I am a keen environmentalist, so the more natural, the better for me!! I am sharing them with friends and I have also found the outlet in UH where I can buy them, so all is good!!


    Marilyn Olds, Upper Hutt , 20 June 2012

  • Very happy with product, both of us have excema, & using wash nuts is most defintly the way to go!

    Kay Ngaire Smith, Whitianga , 21 May 2012

  • Just bought myself one of these! I got a gift pack for myself in December last year and have just used the last of a 250g bag of soapnuts! What amazing value!

    Rochelle Miles, Auckland , 20 May 2012

  • Your stain remover bar is brilliant! Used it to get the mashed pumpkin stains out of my daughters bibs! Worked a treat!

    Veronica Kloeten, Auckland , 01 May 2012

  • Great service once again. Parcel arrived today, am looking forward to trying out the liquid. Am totally hooked on the soap nuts - great on the clothes and dishes!!!

    Janice Derbie, Upper Hutt, 23 April 2012

  • I love your product and certainly do use it on all my washing..... even better gets my husbands panelbeating clothes clean too.

    Tracey Piper, Wellington, 21 April 2012

  • I'm finding the soapnuts very easy to use and they seem to be cleaning my clothes just as well as the laundry powder I was using before. I like that I can just put them in the compost when I've finished with them and there's no waste. Thanks!

    Elizabeth Anderson, Hamilton, 19 April 2012

  • Thanks so much for our delivery of Soapnut powder & oxygen bleach.  I happened to stumble onto your website one day & am so please that I did.  My oldest daughter suffers from bad eczema and constantly has itchy skin.  I have only just started using the soapnut powder and so far so good... no itching! I am thinking about trying it as a shampoo as she also has an itchy scalp from eczema.

    Katie Hull, Waiuku, 18 April 2012

  • Hey guys. I received my soap nuts today and i have all ready done my first load of washing with them and love how clean they made my daughters nappys. Feel I am all ready looking at buying more.

    Sarah Bloomfield, Rotorua, 17 April 2012

  • Thanks Soap Nut shop for the quick deilvery of the Soap Nut liquid that I ordered. Sooo pleased with it already. I've tried all sorts of things for my wee girls ezcema and haven't had any luck. After ONE bath with using the soap nut liquid we have already noticed a huge difference in her ezcema patches and her skin was so soft after the bath. I'm using it for the washing as well and its doing a great job. Very pleased that I came across your product and have already started recommending it to friends. Will definitely be ordering more in the future! - Thanks again.

    Megan Nairn, Christchurch, 15 April 2012

  • The products I bought are great! Powdered-soapnuts,very easy and effective. And, as you adviced earlier; not too full a washmachine spreads the powder well. The bleach is my very favorite too! For the house,walls ,sink etc and the washing. Very easy to use and the results are wonderful. One of my favorite products!

    Ellen Urselmann, Motueka, 10 April 2012

  • Fantastically speedy delivery. I love your product and will continue to gift it to friends and family.

    Hannah White, Piopio, 23 March 2012

  • Thank you so much for the soapnut products.  I am delighted with them.  Also delighted to know I am doing a little more to help the planet. The nuts are just wonderful for washing, and the powders I am also finding amazingly good. Many thanks for fantastic and natural products.

    Janet Collinson-Wright, Greytown, 19 March 2012

  • I have used the soap nuts before and liked them, however I find it too fiddly to be always emptying the bag of used nuts. making it into liquid myself is much easier. The liquid from the shop has a strong smell and you seem to need a lot of essential oils to take that away. so i will stick with the nuts and the powder. The powder I use to make my own detergent. Works brilliantly and good cost too. Love the oxygen bleach-very good for cloth nappies

    Rachel Van der Hulst, Whangarei, 14 March 2012

  • I love my SoapNuts and have been actively promoting them to my friends and family.  Since I started using them nearly a year ago, I have noticed a huge difference in my children's skin, as well as being able to positively  contribute to the environment!  I've bought my parents some SoapNut seeds, so hopefully in a few years time we will be harvesting our own SoapNuts. Now that I have used SoapNuts, I'll never go back to commercial laundry detergents - not even for my husband's filthy overalls!

    Cassie Warburton, Te Aroha, 01 March 2012

  • I am enjoying my soapnuts and in particular the oxygen bleach.  I have a baby so I like the fact that my soaking bleach doesn't have anything extra in it (perfumes etc).  I haven't actually used the soapnuts in my nappy washes yet as I'm working my way up to it.  I use them for my adult clothes washes though and they work just fine.  And of course because I don't have to have multiple rinse cycles it takes less time too (front loaders do take longer!). Thank you.

    Jannah Carlos Torr, Port Chalmers, 24 February 2012

  • Loving soap nuts!!!! Ordered some more the other day(don't want to run out since we do so many loads of baby stuff). Also got some for my sisters baby shower present. I love the gift packs you do with the essential oil, just perfect for giving away.... I think she will be as hooked as I am!!!!

    Veronica Kloeten, Auckland, 15 February 2012

  • I currently use these soapnuts to wash my sons cloth nappies and they have been wonderful. Perfectly clean nappies every time and no chemical build up which will remove the need for strip washing- a real time saver!

    Heidi Lauper Keller, Christchurch, 20 January 2012

  • Thank you for my order, The soapnuts are fabulous!!  My sons eczema has disappeared and we save water by not having to do a rinse cycle, and whats more my cloth nappies are sparkling clean and white :)  I am a very happy customer.

    Sarah Cannon, Auckland, 19 January 2012

  • Bit of a random tangent here, but while our projects often require technical elements, we're also big fans of simple solutions that work.

    And that's why we love SoapNuts. They replace your washing machine powder, and you get clean clothes without chemicals. SoapNuts are fruits that grow on trees. These fruits contain a natural substance called Saponin, which when dissolved in water, creates mild suds. Stick a few in the little cloth bag provided, and you've got a natural solution that's cheaper than powder.
    My hacker tips: add a couple of nuts to the bag before each wash. Stick the bag in the bottom of a bucket and fill it with hot water... the heat seems to activate the nuts. Tip the resulting sudsy hot water and the bag into the top of your cold wash, and you're away. Every 20 washes or so, you'll empty the bag of the depleted nuts and start with about four new nuts. A kilo pack will last... for bloody ages!

    Minty Hunter, Carterton, 18 January 2012

  • I am very pleased with my purchase of two bags of soap nuts, as they wash the clothes really well.  I also purchased some seeds so that I am able to grow the trees.  I will certainly recommend your products to my family and friends.

    Annmaree Beever, Auckland, 07 January 2012

  • I must say, Soap Nuts are pretty much the only thing I can wash my sons clothes in, his skin reacts to everything we LOVE the Frangipani oil smell!!! Thank you The SoapNut Shop :)

    Emma Cairns, Tauranga, 26 December 2011

  • The order arrived promptly which is always a bonus because sometimes I don't realise just how little is left in the bag and need the nuts asap.

    This time I bought the Christmas package as a gift for my daughter who is absolutely sold on them so that was a great offer.

    For myself I bought the 'left-overs' and quite honestly can't see any difference in the quality of the washing except that I have to put a bit more in the bag so they probably won't last as long.

    All in all I am delighted with the products and have not only my daughter using them but a friend as well.  Every chance I get when women get together and discuss such mundane things as laundry I advertise
    soap nuts.....

    Maureen Kathan, Tauranga, 20 December 2011

  • I love your soapnuts, and the essential oil I have purchased from you. I might try the seed next time!!!

    Kathleen Robertson, Alexandra, 20 December 2011

  • I've just ordered my second lot of soap nuts and we are loving them.  I also bought your oxygen bleach which is truly fabulous!  I have experienced itchy sore hands whenever I have used napisan and the like - but with your product my hands are absolutely fine, and the clothes are beautifully clean.

    It did take a little getting used to our clothes not smelling like they used to when they came out of the washing machine, but it really doesn't matter as long as they are clean.  We sometimes add a drop or two of lime essential oil to the wash.

    We will definitely be back for more in the future.

    Thank you!

    Leah  Maxwell, Wellington, 17 November 2011

  • I was most impressed with the speed in which my order was processed. Your prompt communication acknowledging the receipt of my order, followed soon after by the acknowledgement of my credit card details was also appreciated.

    My husband and I live on a lifestyle block and so have to provide our own water supply. Therefore, the water savings through using SoapNuts is an attractive benefit. I am also happy with the product itself.


    Barbara Townsend, Wanganui, 29 October 2011

  • I've just used SoapNuts for the first time. I was prepared for a compromise: less clean laundry in favour of a cleaner environment. Fair enough: something for something ... I am honestly super-impressed: those little dry shells really work! And stains I'd given up on are gone!! Count me amongst the soapnut nuts :)


    Anne-Marie Mathiesen, Tauranga, 26 October 2011

  • I am happy with my purchases.  I have used soap nuts before, I like your marketing and service. We live in a rural area, our washing machine waste water is reticulated thru our garden, so its extra good to have a natural product.


    Kay Ngaire Smith, Whitianga, 20 October 2011

  • Yes, I am very happy with the soapnuts and the bleach!

    I use the soapnuts (as nuts,sachets or powder) since a few years now. Its great,you only need so little ,cheap,no pollution,no unwanted perfumes or smells. Just fresh and easy! The bleach I tried since a few months now is great too. I cleaned my doors and walls and floors with it (kitchen and bathroom) and was so happy with the sparkling result!!!

    So thank you very much for your products!

    Ellen Urselmann, Motueka, 06 October 2011

  • Yes I am enjoying my soap nuts.  I recently did a project on them as part of a sustainability course, and it was very interesting learning about their many benefits.  So far I have only been doing laundry with them, but I will branch out soon and see what other cleaning I can get done too.

    Great little nuts!

    Sheree Sanchez, Christchurch, 28 September 2011

  • This first purchase of ours was a 250g bag and I've been really enjoying our low-cost, scent-free, beautifully clean laundry. It's taken us a bit of getting used to the change of habits, but we're in the swing of it now, and will definitely be ordering a 1kg bag next time. Our children both suffer from eczema, and I believe their irritation is observably less.

    Interestingly, the first batch of home-made liquid I prepared boiled over, which I was alerted to by the not-unpleasant smell as it spread out over our ceramic stovetop. However, when mopping up my mistake, I discovered that hot soapnut liquid proved to be an excellent cleaner for the stovetop! I've been trying it out on all sorts of household surfaces since then, and have been pleased by the results. It's certainly a challenge, though, to change one's mind-set away from the habit of thinking "If there are no suds, it's not getting it clean."

    Thanks for supplying this great product at such excellent value. I've been recommending soapnuts to all my friends and workmates.

    Truis Ormsby-Martin, Wellington, 22 September 2011

  • I am really enjoying my soapnut order. Ive been making alot of the liquid to share with people and i am very pleased with the results and have just placed another order that i am sharing with some friends. I took them to my naturopath for her to test them on me as i have sensitive skin and the only product (including all natural detergents) that i have been able to use is persil sensitive. I tested up good for them (and also the whitening powder) so she is very excited and said she was going to buy them as soon as she got home. Thanks for all the helpful info on your website as well :)

    Nikki Brown, Waitomo, 17 September 2011

  • I bought a 1kg bag of soapnuts a year or more ago - we are a family of 6 who do a lot of washing (incl 1 in full time cloth nappies) - my bag is still not empty and we LOVE soapnuts!! So glad I tried them, now I recommend them to friends (and I recommend them to people who buy cloth nappies from my shop Little Chalmers too!) Brilliant product!

    Rachel Harwood, Dunedin, 07 September 2011

  • I just bought my second bag! I love them! Thanks for introducing me to something new and wonderful!

    Gail Gerrard, 23 August 2011

  • Love the soapnut powder for the washing and as mentioned tried washing my hair with it. Felt funny no lather but the results are great. Your hair is very shiny and smooth. Used to wash hair everyday but now every second day as my hair is not limp at the end of the day. Great products, Thanks.

    Faye Nicoll, Herbology Ltd, Tauranga, 15 August 2011

  • The Soapnuts and Bleach came dellivered to the mailbox :) The bleach I found another use for, I sprinkle it in the concrete thats turned black and the rain dus the cleaning for me :)
    A bit like wet and forget I suppose but cheaper. Thanks again

    Hanna  Klos, Huapai, 19 July 2011

  • I've just finished the trial pack of soapnut sachets and I'm really thrilled.  Mud from school shorts, food spills, everything has been cleaned really well and I prefer that there's no lingering after scent.

    I'm definitely a fan of soaputs.  Thank you!

    Hannah  Haiu, Auckland, 26 June 2011

  • Have mixed 3/4 teaspoon of soapnut powder with warm water in an old shampoo bottle to make my own shampoo, tasted disgusting when it ran into my mouth but here's the thing - I thought I have really greasy hair or something since I needed to wash it every day with ordinary shampoos.

    With the soapnut shampoo my hair feels really strong and looks beautiful AND I haven't washed it for 4 days and it still doesn't look greasy!!!

    All hands up for this stuff, it's brilliant!!!!

    Claudia Marie, Blenheim, 17 June 2011

  • I absolutely love my liquid soapnut. I still have the soapnut fruit to play with but at the moment I am trying to find more things to clean with! I cannot wait to make my own shampoo and shower gels. Will keep you folks updated on Facebook.

    Sandra Devi, Auckland, 01 June 2011

  • As always, totally rapt with the soapnuts and the service - thanks heaps :)

    Sharon Whillis, Christchurch, 27 May 2011

  • I just love using soapnuts.  I use them in the washing machine with boron and baking soda, such clean fresh clothes.  I love the soapnuts (don't buy any commercial washing machine products and use them in the dishwasher and make my own dishwashing detergent.  My bio cycle septic system loves me for using them too...  I also like being able to buy the essential oils at such competetive prices.

    M. Mitchell, Waipu, 26 May 2011

  • I LOVE the soap nuts!! Who would have thought nuts could wash your clothes, and so well? Very happy with them:) Thank you!!!

    Maria Dorssers, Kihikihi, 23 May 2011

  • I just wanted to say how great the soapnut shells are. And I also got 5 of the Saponaria tree seeds so I could grow my own, and I had all 5 seeds germinate and all 5 trees look great-
    Thanks for the great products and seeds

    Bridget Shapiro, Red Beach, 13 March 2011

  • Your soapnuts ROCK.  We love how clean they get our clothes without detergent or icky scents, and we especially love how cheap they are.

    Tommynomad, Auckland, 12 February 2011

  • These are the most fantastic find - I cannot believe the improvement in the quality of our washing, stains disappear, white becomes white and the clothes just feel magnificent.

    Barbara Crompton-Smith, Auckland, 31 October 2010

  • I cant beleive how effective these nuts are! Especially in the dishwasher with a vinegar rinse aid, amazing! we were not sure at first, but have been totally blown away!  thanks soap nut shop!

    Zuzanna Thornton, Queenstown, 20 September 2010

  • Had a jersey with an old stain i couldnt shift, so soaked in the Oxygen Bleach and it worked a treat, great product! and i used the soap nuts all the time for my washing. Also tried the soap nuts in our dishwasher today with great results and I love how they go in the compost bin afterwards

    Victoria Williams, 08 September 2010

  • A recent spring clean of the house, I decided to try the Oxygen Bleach on the walls of the bathroom. We have an Initial style home with wooded walls and over time they tend to get a little worse for wear with mildew etc. The Oxygen Bleach was brilliant! I just made up the normal cleaning mix and wiped the walls with a cloth, instant results, one wipe with the cloth and the mildew was gone! Very impressive!

    Richard McBride, Waitakere, 07 September 2010

  • Yip got some off those too. exellent product. very happy with first washes, bright white all natural. better then supermarketstuff i find :o

    Magdalena Bernhard, Tauranga, 22 May 2010

  • I have just tried these fabulous little nuts for the first time in my wash and OMG! they are fantastic. I am really, really impressed. Way to go, I am now a big fan. Brilliant!

    Pip Brook, Matamata, 06 February 2010

  • I have decided I'm never going back to my previous laundry detergent, thank you.

    G. Webb, Dunedin, 23 January 2010

  • What crazy things these soap nuts are. I am surprised at how well they work. They have been perfect for my daughter who seems to have every allergy you can imagine. They don't get out the grass stains from my kids clothes, but then what laundry powder does.I am a fan!

    Laurie Kay, Dunedin, 18 February 2009

  • We use the soapnuts for all our laundry and cleaning and also instead of liquid handsoap.I find it leaves surfaces shiny and sparkling clean and its great knowing that i'm not using chemicals-especially as my daughters getting to the age where shes attempting to lick everything she comes in contact with!!!!

  • We find as a handsoap its brilliant-even cleaning up my husbands hands after a days work as a spray painter (and believe me his hands get pretty grubby!!) better than the store bought liquid soap that we used to get.

  • It leaves your hands softer too and I used to get dry cracked hands but not anymore!! Just one thing we have found though,it lathers up much better if you put it on dry hands rather than wetting them first. I havent tried it as a shampoo yet but plan to as soon as my current shampoo runs out.

    Catriona, Wellington, 26 September 2008

  • I was amazed at the product in use, my washing feels soft and clean without using chemicals. can't wait to make the shampoo.

    Angela H, Otahuhu, 4 September 2008

  • In Auckland city, we pay a lot for water, $5 a cubic metre to get it in and to get it taken away again. Since I have been using my sample of soap nuts and don't rinse any more, we have saved about $100. We have been doing other things to save water also but I am happy to save money. I also tested the effectiveness by smelling my husband's sports socks after a wash with no rinse, no smell. I can't believe it. Well done you.

    Beverly Clark, Epsom, Auckland City, 21 August 2008

  • We have a front loader & with normal washing powder/liquid it's recommended you put them through on an extra rinse cycle. With soapnuts this isn't necessary, they still come out just as clean except on really rare occasions, but we're using less water, they get through the wash quicker & I no longer worry about chemicals against my baby's skin. Personally I think anyone using cloth nappies should try soapnuts!

    M Waught, Napier, 9 Aug 2008

  • Great item love it and the washing smells great. Would highly recommend and will be buying again. Thanks.

    K Banks, Tauranga, July 2008

  • Friendly communication, product arrived promptly, was really well packaged and come with lots of helpful advice.

    Andrea, Porirua, 30 April 2008

  • I'm a bit of a greenie, and I'm a bit tight fisted so this product covered both of those points. I have used the soap nuts and am impressed and I can't wait to make the liquid. This is an excellent purchase and also included helpful information and I would highly recommend them.

    Fiona, Warkworth, 16 July 2008

  • Really love the soapnuts, feels lovely on the skin. A lot of fun to wash with.

    Celia, North Shore, 1 April 2008

  • Great service, friendly communication and prompt delivery. Would recommend to all.

    John, Christchurch City, 7 May 2008

  • Great item love it and the washing smells great. Would highly recommend and will be buying again. Thanks.

    M Waught, Napier, 9 August 2008

  • I love your soapnuts, they really work! My hair feels so soft and no more nasty chemicals. Thank you for taking the initative and bringing these to New Zealand! Keep up the great work.

    Celia Anderson, Invercargill, 17 May 2008

  • Lovely person to deal with, brillant products. Will buy more soon and recommend to family and friend :o)

    Sarah, Auckland City, 4 June 2008

  • Goods arrive extremely fast and we are very happy with the product. Thanks!

    Kerry Franks, Birkdale, 10 July 2008

  • Tks so much. I love them! I would definitely like to purchase again!

    E, Auckland, 14 June 2008

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